We are all guilty of this, and some of us are more guilty than others. Pointing our fingers at others, but we never look inside ourselves what we are doing.

Time and time, the four fingers are pointing back at us. But we fail to see it because we are too blind to see it.

For us, it’s easy to point out the guilty ones. We are so used to criticising, judging others, having that self-righteous attitude, and so forth.

I knew a deacon of the church; his homily was on this same subject. I listened with an open mind and ear. Then he spoke about John The Baptist when he pointed out there goes the Lamb of God.

In other words, don’t point fingers at others but rather at the Lamb of God. Because at the end of the day, we will never be perfect.

Don’t go through life with that same attitude; change your behaviour. Don’t be like sheep following the one shepherd that always wants to point fingers.

Be someone different.