We read of courage and corruption and unsung heroes in the mayhem around.

People are spinning in soundless minds while the world is noisy every hour. 

Full of sound 

Good, bad, fun, games and genres for every mood that amplifies music all around.

I heard the story of a hard man today. 

With little time to love those close never mind his own self truly inside.


No love anywhere!

Curtains drawn every second let life slip away before an entire generation, a loveless grind.

We will see fancy doors and shining cars, but they are all behind bars in a cold reality that you never see. Until you spend time inside.

I see love and passion and compassion for I am all that. 

I have so much to be grateful for.

We look at South Africa, but there is strength in our minds even in the midst of darkness. 

The evil kind – we are ok, thanks.

You leave us all behind making music on a sinking ship, the unsung heroes in the evening shores.

Scary, sad, brittle

God bless South Africa – we are one of a kind.