The end of legalized Apartheid in 1994

Made black and brown people hope for more

More freedom that was denied to them

And the “forced” singing of the anthem, “Die Stem!”

What happens after the celebration

When they are thrown into the demarcation

Of townships that weren’t here prior

To the segregation that placed them in a mire

Now they are free, and they can vote

Earn more and live in a less remote

Part of the city they call townships

Displaced, uprooted and trying to come to grips

Of freedom that has no monetary value

Based purely on the hue

Of their skin and hair

Constantly having to compete and compare

With people that have placed systemic racism

And fascism

Deep within the fabric of society

And never once letting them just be!

What is to be done about freedom with hunger attached

As if they’re a perfect match

And suffering from horrific economic conditions

Despite the confessions and contrition’s

Of people who benefited while they were in chains

Struggling to find the remains

Of family members and themselves

Because of the hell

They were subjected to in their own land

Mistakenly shaking the hand

Of a person who wanted their soul

Because friendship and harmony was never the goal

How do they rebuild what is broken and bruised

Sitting where they were before ’94, confused

That nothing has changed except for a few

Looking at ancestors for a clue

In rebuilding the soul within

Just where to begin

Is the question that is asked?

When faced with so mammoth a task

To find themselves after the merriment is gone

While staying strong

For the future generation to be bold and brave

Even if the current situation is grave

What happens now?

Things have to change somehow.

Long after the festivities, reality has intruded

And eluded

To give them a glimpse that freedom was a lie

Spoken of just to buy

Their vote so it can look good to the world out there

While continuing to bear

The scars not visible to the naked eye

Buried so deep that they lie

About the fact that they are fine

When years of oppression is entwined

In the freedom, they voted for but did not receive

What happens now while they struggle to live.