If man’s purpose on this old planet is to love one another unreservedly. Then riddle me this why he is still fighting?

Since the dawn of time, Mankind was always ready for battle no matter what form it took.

He is constantly wearing heavy unwanted armour and swinging a timeless heavy sword.

That sword keeps pointing to someone even if they don’t know the reason why.

Or man keeps on raking up the past. They keep on opening those rusty graves in search of answers to their futile cause. 

They’re filled with past events that happened centuries ago that they forget it is such a terrible haunting task to live in that dark, miserable past.

There is no turning back or no parole or bail.

They keep the same records on filthy cobwebbed shelves; to dust it off time and time again.

The scales of the past are like cataracts on the people that live in the past. They don’t even see the glorious sun filtering through silver-grey clouds. Indeed they remain in total darkness.

When will man stop pointing fingers at others and blaming others for their failure in this life?

When will this un-ending battle end? I guess when there is no human in the place we call home.

Every day I see man’s fallen countenance; it is like heavy raindrops drenching this dry arid Earth. And each day man wakes up, the only thing they converse about is the dreaded past. 

There is no love in their hearts, only judgements and eternal grudges. Their soul is drowning in a river of pure darkness; even the weeds and thistles begin to choke them.

How sad is man’s earthly life because there is no joy in him? Love flew out of the window many years ago.

They live amongst the burnt ruins of the tired soul of theirs. Even Mother Nature threw them away like filth and grime, never to take them back into the fold.

Indeed they the black sheep who has no mother to comfort them.

They move around the dead like ghosts of the past. When will this old world learn about true love? 

We are all on this journey of love; never forget that.