I don’t have a name but you could call me the unidentified one. Because of the type of person I was.

Through most of my life, I lived a very self-righteous one. 

I always thought that I was better than my fellow counterparts. 

Basically I lived for myself and no one else. 

With all my tertiary qualifications and my degrees behind me I thought I was it. 

I only moved around in those circles that meant something to me or with people that could uplift me. 

The movers and the shakers was all that mattered.

No one was better than me because I was extremely critical of anyone that I came into contact with especially those I felt were beneath me.

I stepped on everyone’s toes to get what I wanted. 

I was selfish and only I mattered.

The only voice you could hear was my screaming and talking from every rooftop and steeple. 

Though I attended church no one could tell me anything. 

I used to listen to the Gospel with half an ear. 

I always gave people advice how to live their lives but I didn’t apply it to me because I thought I knew it all.

How wrong I was. 

Then one day something happened that still not clear to this day. 

I always viewed life through rose-colored spectacles and I guess that was my downfall. 

One day I looked into life’s mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. 

Slowly but surely I began to change to someone I couldn’t recognize. 

I decided if I can’t see the good in others or what they are trying to do then what is the point of living?

If I am only there to criticize them then what kind of person am I?

Then I might as well shed all Christian believes and not believe at all.

In time I became a better person, a person who accepted all people no matter what they looked like and I started seeing only the good inside of them even when it looked bad. 

I still have a long way to go but I know I will get there.