I remember, years ago, man could walk freely without any masks. Churches were open the day and night. It was a safe haven for those who came there looking for help and prayers. Today those same churches are now closed.

Whenever I look around at homes, all I see are high walls, electrical fences, and signs of a security company tasked with protecting the people who live inside them.

Humans seldom smile, and dark, grim looks are the norm. It seems as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their tired, sagging shoulders. They aren’t even grateful that they are alive.

Sometimes I hear them complain about how their creditors keep calling them or knocking at there door irrespective of the time.

As humans, we are so quick to judge others and point fingers at them, but we fail to look at ourselves, and what type of people we have become.

When I used to buy the newspaper, it contained the same old stories about crime; it tells you that so many people were murdered; the man on the street, a farmer, a child, a mother, and the lists goes on.

Yes, there was always crime but not this rife. That’s why today I have stopped buying the newspaper. 

What happened to our hearts of compassion and love?  When did it turn to stone over the years? 

What happened to us; if we borrow things or money, we never give it back or even attempt to? We basically go round and round in the same whirlpool of destruction.

Truthfully, we all live in two kinds of worlds! The good and the bad and the choice is up to us which one we prefer.

Some of us live in a world of the past; that same past that continues to drag us through an “everlasting pit” where we can’t enjoy life.

Some of us are accustomed to wearing a timeless invisible face mask of pretentiousness that we can’t get rid of it. People are expected to praise them for what they do, but in the meantime, they are like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Most of us want to jump on the “gravy train,” but when does that train stop or when do we give others a chance to be on it?

Remember, the sun shines on the good and the bad; it doesn’t take sides.