Thoughts of a South African Musician

Coronavirus scare has South Africans scared and helpless.

Everyone is spinning and for once united at least in that.

Hospitals are preparing as much as possible and any measures taken are for our safety respected.

The question on everyone’s lips:

“Is it enough?”

Someone commented the government’s plan is sub-urban. Assuming running water and safe spaces are what most South Africans return to when at home.

That is not true of course. It has not been true for a long, long time.

Our inequality has never been clearer in the world.

Those that can afford to stock up on food and necessities and stay at home.

Many – too many – cannot afford to do this. 

In that, all things fall apart.

As an artist, the cancellation of a major arts festival started a whole series of cancellations. I have gone from totally booked to zero live shows in just a day.

I have tricks up my sleeve and family to fall back on, but many don’t.

Maybe in this time of Corona we should mindful that humanity should (always):

Be safe

Be kind


Share resources




Remember home remedies for colds and flu: fresh garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, turmeric. Prepare what you can get in boiled water and take it regularly. Sweat it out.

I wish a safe haven for everyone and heaven on earth instead of the hell created, but the earth has gone toxic. It is everywhere with greed at its heart.

God help us all.