It was early in the morning darkness was still around. 

Under normal circumstances, I was always a very light sleeper.

I could still smell the fresh air coming through my window amidst the fresh breeze from the ocean.

Somehow I fell into a very deep sleep.

I don’t know if I was extremely tired or what. 

That night I dreamt I was walking along what seemed an unending road. 

It felt like an out of body experience.

I felt as if someone was pinning me down to the bed. 

Some supernatural force was standing next to me. 

Strangely I wasn’t scared but felt calm and at peace.

While I was still walking, I passed people I didn’t know. 

Some greeted me and others simply passed me by.

All of them were wearing long white robes.

In the distance, I could hear the sound of a violin playing a tune I wasn’t familiar with.

A thought came to my mind; “Where am I?”  

I began searching for my parents but I couldn’t find them because of the masses of people standing or walking by.

In truth, I couldn’t see a motor vehicle or horse-drawn carriage going past me. 

Where am I? Did I pass away or am I still alive? 

This dream was so real it was at once scary and beautiful. 

Did I have a foretaste of heaven or was it something else? 

I eventually got hold of my parents but they never recognized their own son. 

No matter how hard I tried to convince them it was to no avail.

Was this some kind of test that I had to go through or some warning to repent?  

I could hardly breathe in the state that I was in. 

The dream lasted for an hour then it disappeared. 

I woke up my body drenched in sweat and jumped into a shower to refresh my body and hopefully my mind. 

 The dream continues to haunt me and I wonder at its message. 

I haven’t discovered where I was and don’t know if I will.