In my mind I see my playground. 

A playground with tall ancient palm trees blowing in the gentle breeze. 

Not far from there is a divine stream where birds nest. 

I can hear violins and ancient harps playing at their best.

They say that angels walked there in the early hours of the mornings. 

Night falls like a soft wind comforting me in the evenings.

The universe envelops me like a warm blanket. 

I see myself playing enjoying life’s beautiful awesome moments. 

I wish I could go into my mind just to rest my weary soul.

But where is this place? 

Can someone reveal it to my face! 

Summertime is such a pleasure.

Frolicking in the water and sipping champagne with equal measure;

While I enjoy the balmy evenings with the crickets chirping, 

My heart longs for my mind’s eye

It wants to belong to the calm and tranquility that often passes me by.

My soul yearns for the place I have yet to be.

My body belongs in nature’s luxury.

When I am there time stands still. 

And so much hope for peace I long to fulfill.

Today my restless soul is searching for that playground. 

Hope I find it somewhere out there and it brings about the peace my mind has found.

Where is my playground and why is it gone?

There are glimpses of rays wanting to shine

In my mind my playground gives me peace and rest.

Restlessness is forgotten as I look around me and see only the best.