White persecution propaganda is on the rise! In the States, we saw white people storm the Capitol, not only at Trump’s incitement but because they felt cheated, ignored, robbed, and vulnerable.

In South Africa, we often see it by white people demanding an end to lockdown, protesting about the closure of beaches, and the very delicate subject of “farm murders.” Whilst I agree that people who own farms are “easy” prey to criminals, so is the single mom living in a “shack in the township.” We have a crime problem in this country, which is not exclusively felt by white people.

Based on the many protests, especially on social media, it is clear that white people are feeling threatened and aggrieved. It is also clear that black and brown people are feeling threatened and aggrieved. The various races all feel persecuted, but to be “persecuted,” someone has to do the persecuting. Unless, as a human race, we are being oppressed by aliens! Though we can’t say it could never happen in the future, we can say it’s not happening right now.

Let’s look at the current situation; economically, black people are disadvantaged far more than white people, so why the outcry? It’s disingenuous to ignore the past racial atrocities that black and brown people were subjected to and the current inequalities still evident today. You don’t have to be Bill Nye, the science guy, to work this one out. All you need to do is look around you.

Various action groups have sprung up all in protest about where the government is failing the citizens, but failing who? How many white people were arrested and locked up or killed by the military when the lockdown was just implemented?

How many white people were evicted because of job losses, exploitation, or building a shack on land they don’t own but in desperation have occupied?

How many white people have been subjected to below minimum wage payments?

How many white people, here and in the States, were murdered by policemen for walking or driving a car?

There’s a long list of how many’s, so why the persecution propaganda suddenly rearing its ugly head.

Where is this persecution that seems to be a mass genocide against white people?

The propaganda machines have been busy at work and have managed to convince ordinary, law-abiding citizens that they are being hunted down to “extinction.”

Could all this noise simply be about white people, the loud-mouth racists, wanting to remain relevant and doing everything in their power not to be ignored! Much like a child does when their favourite toy is taken away, they throw tantrums, and with some children, the more you ignore their behaviour, the louder their cries become.

The late Malcolm X once said,” If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing,” and never has this been truer than at this juncture in our history.

Unfortunately, ordinary white people consume news in the same way they do their daily intake of kilojoules! They read an article from the most racist newspapers and don’t bother fact-checking or questioning the source but rather start spreading that news among their family and friends as if it’s nothing more than a recipe. 

This then gets into these suburban Whatsapp community groups and various social media platforms, and, before you can say, “racist,” they have succeeded in oiling the cogs of the propaganda machine. It was evident with Trump and his vile behaviour! A privileged white male, who is a narcissist, a racist, patriarchal and comes from a family with money, cries out that he is being attacked and vilified and voila, suddenly, he has millions who are willing to lay down their lives for him while crying, “freedom.”

They have freedom, so what else is there? Unless all of this propaganda and perceived persecution is really about ridding the world of all things black!

Could greed be the factor why white people are feeling persecuted, or maybe they aren’t comfortable sharing their spaces and are now much like the little toddler, screaming and having a tantrum when they are asked to be nice?

There is no persecution of white people, but there is perceived persecution, and the consequences are toxic to black and brown people.