I am just a speck of dust in this vast universe that I call home. A universe that was there long before I was born.

Every day I see man and his suffering and I wonder why? His whole outlook on life is one of sheer misery. There is no joy in his immortal soul, just mere pain.

The world cannot give him the answers that he so truthfully seeks. To him the world is like one cold solid concrete blank wall. 

I see the bitterness in his face and the anger in his heart, not even I can console him.

He seeks justice for the crimes of this human race but none is given.  Not even mercy is shown to him.

Like me, he wanders this cruel and unjust world he calls home. Not even the eternal glorious sun shines on him, it rather hides its face.

I wish I could help him to ease his untold misery but I am only this speck of dust 

Even death doesn’t want him or me they close there dark doors and never to be opened again until man has resolved his issues.

Most days I stand on that invisible bridge I can hear the water going it’s course but in reality, I cannot see that bridge or water.

Why is it so hard to forgive me it is like a sword hanging over me. What terrible crime did I commit? 

I doubt I will reach those white pearly gates and hear that divine music. In truth, my mortal body is covered in this insurmountable iniquity that no man can erase.

So my earthly journey continues through this barren land of sand and dust. I hope I can figure out who I am?