Before all of this happened to me, I was the pillar of strength in my humble family. I was very vocal when I had to be, but at the same time, I was also very humble!

Then I met my soul mate, and we built the largest empire that I can recall, but both of us always remained humble never once boasting about what we have. 

We even raised our three children, in the same way, to have respect for others to give back what they have borrowed no matter how small the amount was and to never take things for granted.

Then one day,  I lost my life’s partner, and I was never the same. Suddenly I couldn’t do the simplest of tasks. I could not even remember the beautiful name that my mother gave me.

Man treated me as if I was some kind of criminal ready to attack them. I couldn’t understand what was going on with me and why I couldn’t remember.

I tried so hard to rack this brain of mine; in truth, my brain and my mind became my worst enemy in my deteriorating mind and brain every day. I pretended to have this battle with them, and I won, but in the end, I was always the loser.

I have become a prisoner unto myself with no chance of parole or bail. My brain has become my ultimate executioner.

I am now in this home every day I am surrounded by these stark white blank walls this home is my prison. Every day I cry for no reason then I wonder who died, but I can’t think.

I see people talking, but in my mind, I wonder if they are talking about me and if so then how rude are you? Why don’t they come, and talk with me? I don’t understand, what crime did I commit?

My family visits me  but I don’t recognize them, they are like strangers to me. Most times, I chase them away because of my condition. I know you think that I am ungrateful, but what can I do in this terrible situation.

I am no more my former myself I am fading away like a leaf blown by that unseen wind. You could say that I am a vegetable.

Sometimes I wish I could operate on myself remove my sick and withered brain and mind and replace it with a new thing, but that is impossible. So I am stuck with it.

Most days, I am always fighting and screaming at these people that I don’t know or do I know them?

Even the silence that is around me is driving me insane even though I am not. I don’t know when last I dressed up for a ball or function. I just remain in my night attire.

Is my condition only meant for people of my age?  I can’t say that truly puzzles me.

I even lost weight because I don’t want to eat. My body is as fragile as a thin reed I hope they do find a cure for my condition and soon. 

Goodbye, my fellow human race I am now dust, and this dust will be scattered over this vast ocean I used to call my eternal sanctuary and home.  Till our paths cross again, one day!