I do not have a face nor a soul or a body, but I am alive. 

Every year I speak to this human race when I spread my icy, cold freezing blanket over this Earth that they call home. 

I take no prisoners, nor do I ask questions. 

I rule this Earth with a firm and iron hand no man can escape my ultimate wrath.

I reign supreme over this Earth; even Mother Nature fears me when I come with an ultimate cold heart. 

I bring no good news but terror in mortal man’s soul. I know many of you don’t like me, but that is understandable, nor do I like you that is fair. 

Yes, I come to wash away all the vile iniquities that stain your very soul. Do you think that you can escape my wrath think again?

I scatter this ungrateful and judgemental race all over this planet. Who can compare to me?.

Even the dead run away from me because they cannot rest for their resting place is drenched to the core.

Homes are flooded because of me because man is so arrogant a creature. In truth, I don’t forgive nor do I show any form of mercy.

The only way I won’t come your way is when you change your arrogant ways. But for now, I will always be there.