Part 2:

Back to the bankers, see this is how banks generate most of their profit, off debt the government makes on our behalf, to build and make things for us based on campaign promises, which we in turn pay through our taxes, thus taxation screws us and makes us poorer. Please Note: prior to December the 23rd 1913, personal tax was unheard of until the world’s biggest Central Bank was created by an act of Congress, also known as the Federal Reserve, or the Fed, of the United States of America.

Step Three: Government employees and all other workers then deposit their pay cheques into the same banks. Now the banks don’t hold your money in a special vault, in fact legally they’re allowed to do with it pretty much as they please without your consent which includes gambling it out, playing on the stock market and lending it to other borrowers. Now this is where the machinery of currency really comes into play, because of a legal device called, “Fractional Reserve Lending,” this means that the banks can borrow out a large portion of the monies you deposited with them, say 90%, and reserve a fraction, 10% of your deposit. Although reserve ratios vary, but for the sake of this discussion, we’ll use 10% as a benchmark, though it can be as low as 3%, or zero.

So in our example, if you deposit R 100, the bank can take R 90 and lend it to someone else without your permission, and keep the R 10, just in case you need it, also called, “Vault Cash.” The bank then puts another IOU, called a “Bank Credit” in place of your R 90 it just borrowed to someone at a higher rate of interest. Suddenly there’s now R 190 in existence? Please follow me nicely now.

Let’s follow the trail of the original R 100 you deposited?

The bank borrowed out R 90, which in currency terms magically means there’s now R 190 in existence? Get it? We all know that people take out loans from the banks to buy things like houses, cars, furniture and so forth. So the borrower takes the R 90 the bank borrowed him and pays the Seller for X, the Seller now takes that same R 90 and deposits it with his bank. His bank in turn takes 90% of the R 90 and borrows it out to another person, and so the cycle is repeated, over and over, so on the assumption of a 10% reserve ratio, the original R 100 has generated R 1000 of bank credit, read currency within 7 transactions, lol. This dear people is how our currencies expand, and between 92% and 96% of all currency is created within the banking system, this is known as “Bank Credit”. Now where there’s too much credit available, read currency, Inflation is thus created.

Inflation can be described like this, the prices of goods and services act as a sponge to the money supply, the more money available in circulation, the higher the rate of inflation. What this means is that the more credit, read currency we have, the more we pay for less, in other words, the more expensive the goods and services. Remember Zimbabwe, where billions of dollars could barely get you a month’s groceries? The true definition of inflation is the rising currency supply, read massive amounts of cheap credit available; higher prices are merely the symptom, not the other way around folks. So that’s it folks, currency is merely numbers on a banks computers and some cash floating around in our economy. The U.S Fed has roughly 850 billion dollars floating around, the bulk of which is used overseas on international trade.

Where it gets really weird is that we who work for a living, our wealth can best be described as trading our time to fulfil a task for money or those numbers on a banks computer. We trade our blood, sweat, tears, ideas, labour and talents for those numbers, lol. We are what gives the currency its value, because if we stopped working or purchasing for a month, we would collapse the false system of currencies, unjust wealth, ill-gotten gains, the larcenous banking system, all international trade, all government activities in one go. In other words, we’d make the world grind to a screeching and sudden halt, the only known way of collapsing the system!

Now why did I go through this long explanation about money and currencies, simply because the richest people in the world are the people that control the means of production and they are generally white, with Chinese, black and Indian billionaires in-between, right? But the fundamental question is who controls the global currency supplies? Therein lays the rub or the key question, if we are to understand WMC? If we can determine the race of people or group that controls that, we would either conclusively prove or disprove the oft denied notion of WMC? For this we would have to determine who the so-called, ultimate controlling shareholders of the major international banks are? There are an estimated 50 central banks between the United States and Europe, and roughly 7000 commercial, retail and other banks. What sets them apart from all the other central banks is that they warehouse the largest known stores of gold and silver bullion making them the combined richest banks on the planet.

What is interesting is the little known fact that most of the central banks around the world are privately owned. When the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, through the Federal Reserve Act passed by Congress, the major banks in America at the time were offered the opportunity of purchasing equity or shares in it. In other words, with few exceptions, all central banks globally are privately owned, but because of dozens and dozens of mergers and acquisitions over the years, the names and details of the shareholders, (read owners), because it’s like any other business, just it creates currencies, became hidden over time. Logically, it’s completely inconceivable that any other ethnic grouping but white people could be and are the owners of both of the most powerful central banks, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, most of the biggest international banks and most of the largest companies listed on the biggest bourses like the Dow Jones, the FTSE, the DAX, the CAX, the Hang Seng and even closer to home the ALSi, this weirdly includes the ownership of most of the Stock Exchanges themselves. Yes people, white people actually own that too, thus I make a compelling case for the very real existence of White Monopoly Capital, WMC. In simple terms, if my father owned a certain type of company, I would have an abundance of their products easily available to me?

A few question for you?

Which ethnic group could conceivably have been able to afford to buy shares or equity in Central Banks?

Which ethnic group represents the largest number of shareholders across all industry and commerce globally, irrespective of whether a company is Indian, Japanese or Chinese?

Which ethnic group commercialized the notion of “insurance” and controls most of the global insurers? Note: Insurance companies have the largest pool of available cash, sometimes bigger than banks themselves, that’s why banks and insurance companies enjoy a complicated relation via cross-shareholding and interwoven mergers and acquisitions.

Which ethnic group has the largest Pension and Provident Funds in the world, and use these monies in so-called “Asset Management Companies like the Quantum Fund, owned by George Soros?

Which ethnic group controls the World Bank and the IMF, the largest global funders to third-world countries, and who owns the notorious Ratings Agencies like Standard and Poor, Fitch and Moody’s?

Which part of our system of racist, bigoted, toxic Capitalism funds everything purchased globally, and which ethnic group owns them?

I’m quite sure the readers will be able to add much more information to this article?