Hani and King were killed

for a thorough moral compass,

nothing can surpass

that idea is an example of

‘no good deed goes unpunished

Obscure black and brown

raise and fall

like the winter wheat

no one gives a fuck

whether or not you’ve

had something to eat.

It behoves you not

to take it personally

these are just the workings

And while you pulsated

and went about like the

the long version

of a story

you struggled to get a shot the only break you had

was broke.

your views unconsidered

you could ill-afford

to postulate within your small circle.

A recluse by design…

… that never realize his makings

unsighted by cloak and dagger

and got stabbed in the workings

Best after bread

if the Lord wills

cold blanket, if that

The step-ladder of siblings

to climb the high horse

are you

Lasses with pulchritude

from the Paraclete

and attitude from Belial

say men are trash

when, you “standing” on cement and offering to be loyal.

Biko and Kaluchi died like slaves!

Even though they were kings.

Hopefully, one day, we will understand the work.