We are in the midst of a silent war on race. The war is not against racism but race.

White people have become almost emboldened with the notion that they are indeed the superior race and are moving about in ever-widening spaces leaving very little space for black and brown people to move about safely.

Safety for a black and brown person is living without the ever pervading shadow of racism that threatens to engulf us every time we move about outside the relative safety of our homes.

There is no World War 3 that Trump may or may not start against Iran but rather a World War R (for race) that has been going on since 500 years ago.

There was no call to defend and protect ourselves. No early warning system put in place to ensure our safety. We were ambushed, racism came like an enemy at night and slowly annihilated us while we were lying innocently asleep. Defenceless!

I had to think long and hard about this one and realized that black and brown people have no safe spaces in the world because anywhere where the white man came and colonized, there was an all-out attempt to break us through slavery, mental, verbal, physical, psychological, financial and emotional abuse.

If we are perfectly honest with ourselves we should be asking when will enough be enough for racists?

When they steal resources? They’ve already done that.

When they place us in concentration camps and call it our homes? That’s been done.

When they murder and rape us? That’s been done already and it hasn’t abated.

We are in a war that we thought ended with slavery and Apartheid. But it hasn’t ended because our prisons may no longer have brick walls and be visible to the naked eye but its there. Because if we step outside those invisible boundaries without white people’s permission, we will be shot down like the wild animals they purport us to be.

If it is said that actions speak louder than words then I have to ask why white people are still viewed as peace-loving. There has been no peace and certainly no love.

So what will satisfy these bloodthirsty race haters?

Sadly, I have to realize that nothing will stop them. Indigenous people all over the world were slaughtered en masse and that hasn’t stopped their thirst for war. Every time other white people say no to World war R, they are shot down in flames and or threatened with unspeakable torture.

We are being held hostage by a group of people who not only hate us but hate our allies as well. Funny, we call some white people allies yet refuse to acknowledge that we are in a war. Why else would we need allies?

The world cries in horror when during times of war hospitals and schools are bombed but it’s nothing new. Yet we have always been attacked at our most vulnerable. We need only remember all the atrocities against people of darker colour skin.

These people are violent, untameable and largely untouched. They’re inspired by white people’s silence. Silence they view as consent. If they weren’t we would have been living free from racism, prejudice, and hate.

Instead, here we are 500 years later fighting a war we weren’t t aware we were in (until we became cognizant of where and how we live)

Some white people have taken up arms against us so many years ago and still, other white people calmly go about their business, their day to day lives as if rushing to the store before it closes is of paramount importance, while we die like flies around them. Whether by murder or starvation.

If there was a will to stop this World War R, it would have happened already. White people even sometimes our faithful allies expect black and brown people to show their suffering and bring forth their evidence yet white history is our evidence.