There’s the world wrestling entertainment that keeps millions of fans glued to their shows to watch wrestlers such as current champion Drew McIntyre defeat Brock Lesnar. Wrestlemania fans over the years have spent thousands of hours watching this sport and being thoroughly entertained by the then fan favourite Brett Hart. The one aspect that makes this show so successful is people working together for the success of it.

Let’s imagine that WWE actually meant worldwide economic lockdown; that by the way, we are in the midst of due to COVID-19. Besides millions of people losing their jobs, there are the ones who have lost the little businesses that ticked over just enough for them not to become a burden of the country they live in. Millions face losses not only potentially their lives but their livelihoods, their homes and as a direct consequence, their families may not be able to weather the economic storm that has erupted.

How different life would be if all world leaders convened and worked to save businesses and people from economic losses. It would have been easy for countries to help each other and stimulate the economies to prevent these losses. Instead, we have greedy people who still continue to worry only about themselves. The ones who are holed up in their bunkers, their monies safely stored and their families looked after. This in the midst of a deadly pandemic. We have ego-driven leaders who care more about being seen to be doing good than actually doing good.

We have horrific deaths and brutality that have nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with the colour of the person’s skin. Then too, the continued violence and abuse that is reigned upon women and children.

If leaders of this world gave a damn about people, there would be no need for anyone to suffer economically. However, the long lines of destitute, hungry people queuing for food parcels is an indication of just how little Governments care about the people they have been entrusted to care for.

The fact is that there is more than enough money in this world for each person who manages to survive this lockdown, to thrive. The wealthy people who magnanimously give to charities are well aware that charities are not sustainable. Economic stimulation is!

Worldwide starvation has not been a good enough reason for people that have to dig deep and to give and grow economies. Food wastage remains a big problem. Yet, Government leaders the world over talk about how much they care but what is happening at the grassroots level speaks to just how little they fo care.

The will to make this a better world simply isn’t there. The will to eradicate poverty, racism, abuse, and so on, simply isn’t on the agenda.

It has always been a dog eat dog world and the worldwide economic lockdown has merely highlighted problems that have existed for aeons.

This was the once in a lifetime opportunity for world leaders to reset the clock and to start a clean slate with better laws, better rules that focus on humanity. World leaders could have turned this around to make it a better world for all who live in it. Instead, they have crashed and burned before they even began.

Humanity has never won in a world that is being driven by greed and egos. Yet, humanity is what is desperately needed for us all to get to the other side of this virus healthy both physically and economically.