The erroneous perception that black and brown people need white people to think on their behalf is evident in the waves of “Karen’s” telling black and brown people what to do when to do it and how to do it.

No amount of outrage can stop these women butting in where they don’t have business butting in.

Most black and brown people have at one time or more in their lives been told, “I think you should,” by some white person intent on poking in business that has nothing to do with them. These range from what to wear, which food to eat, how to wear their hair, and now why the black lives matter movement should not be supported unless they support “farm murders” or the ridiculous notion that white lives matter. Forgetting 500 years of historical evidence in which white lives have always mattered.

The business of thinking on behalf of black and brown people is in keeping with their ancestors that thought being enslaved through violence meant they did not have the mental capacity to think for themselves. This is infantilization and is degrading, demeaning, and downright racist. The belief in white superiority is evidenced by their constant interference in black and brown people’s lives including prescribing to them what to think.

The funny thing is, although “funny,” isn’t the appropriate word, is that those racist white people that dictate or want to dictate what black and brown people think, never give tips on financial investments that could earn black and brown people a ton of money. It’s never about the property that is going for below market price with equity in it to uplift them financially. Black and brown people never hear about employment opportunities besides cleaning jobs or casual work that will uplift them and drastically change their circumstances for the better.

It is almost always about taking charge of matters that do not concern them in any way. It is almost as if white people have received a memo and been told to think on behalf of black and brown people about personal things and as a result, they follow the instructions of the said memo to the letter.

I think therefore I am they apply to themselves but add on their own bit when black and brown people do the same by saying, “I think therefore you are,” insisting whether kindly or cruelly that black and brown people should think, “white people think therefore we are!”