Tell the reptile

Your boy caught a break

In a literal sense.

I flew past me

Like sickness like flu usually pass me

But I reached out

And, somehow, I caught it.

If he’s incredulous, 

Tell him to come to White City

The first-yard ema one

To have a double-story.

If he doesn’t have time,

 I’ll give

One double story in passing.

Tell him to rage… 

Tell him to rattle his rear

And I’ll “Shakespeare” my anointing

And let’s see who moves the heart

Of the one seated on the throne of God.

Tell him the fiery darts

And venom he spat boomeranged

Because the recipient was not available.

Tell him the pawns and patsies

He put Peculiar’s path soon made way

Opting to be amicable from all corners,

Four sides…

I was given foresight,

Nothing transpires without my foreknowledge. 

When he saw this in the aeon

The fragility and wrath

Of the Lord exclaimed BAAL PERAZIM❗

Tell the reptile your boy caught a break_