You hate the colour of my skin

With everything within

You, who feel that you are superior to me

Never letting me just be

You shout and scream and attack

Me because I am black

Constantly going at me waiting for me to crack

But I won’t because I have something you fail to understand

A Jesus that has no blonde hair and blue eyes and man,

That brings me peace when you miss

That you are praying to Jesus

Jesus who had brown skin

And is part of my kin

That never hailed from Europe

Or the States so get a grip

And know your hate does not make me hate

Because Jesus saved me from a fate

Where I burn in eternity

Why are you unable to see?

That praying to Jesus while hating His flock

Remains a shock

To me

When I see

Your images of Him looking so pale

While you wail

That Jesus will save you from black and brown-skinned folk

It is almost a joke

But not funny when you expect someone white

Just because your people chose to make Him light

How can you hate when Jesus was love

Sent down from above

To save us sinners

Which makes us all winners

How do you hate while revering my brother

Making it seem as if He was just another

Sent down to oppress black and brown

Being offended when I frown

And say, “But Jesus was not white!”

Please let’s get that right

As white supremacists, you chant

Saying you can’t

Live with people who look like me

While at church its clear to see

That you praise Him while imagining fair skin

Imagining yourself with no sin

The sin you commit when you look at me with hate-filled eyes

And deem me violent with your constant lies

About who and what I am

Sacrificing me like a lamb

To the alter

When you falter

To acknowledge that not everyone is classed as white

Based on that you can’t be right

Just because you’ve lightened the colour of His skin

Making Him akin

By purporting to be pure

When hate drives you to ensure

That when you pray you see

Someone who looks like you then decree

That Jesus had white skin and was fair

But that’s an untruth you declare

Because the brother who was crucified


For all of us, not a select few

And never loved people based on their hue