So I stumbled on a show

on Soweto tv station,

Anglo-Saxon South African

were waxing lyrical

about nepotism in the government

‘They don’t give

a rats ass about us,’

they say

Could it be that hunters turn (around) to prey?

They took to the streets

demonstrating against “white genocide.”

the Bev. I ingested

into cyanide

‘Apartheid was a fair system’

said the guy whose hair was grey

shit has since

gone sideways

hunters turn (around)

to prey

They brought up Jacob’s

a song about the machine gun

he’s the reason

foreign investment looks

the other way

a run…

… ‘If violence continues,

eventually, we’ll all have to pay

Fat ones to talk

hunters turn (around)

to prey

The woman said

she had black friends

so she can’t be racist

amateur’s playing mind games

with a mentalist

‘we won’t apologize

for our forefathers’ deeds.’

they say

shit like this

is why hunters

turn (around)

to prey.