The tale of the two Coreys.

Corey Feldman had made a name for himself as a child actor after starring in a number of Hollywood films, most notably The Lost Boys alongside fellow colleague and best friend Corey Haim (who is now deceased after a spell with pneumonia). The pair of friends who were famously known as The Two Coreys after appearing in numerous films together and had the world at their feet but behind closed doors, something nefarious and evil was afoot

Feldman, who is now 48, had kept a dark secret hidden that many weren’t aware of. For years, he had cryptically alluded to the sexual abuse he and Haim had suffered during their tenure as child actors in Hollywood.

On March 9, Feldman, in a non-conventional fashion, had announced that he would stream a tell-all documentary ousting the supposed predators dubbed “My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys” on his website for $20 as well as hold a premiere at the Directors Guild of America Headquarters in Los Angeles.

On Monday night, Feldman took the stage stating “I’d love to say this was all a big act, but it’s not. It’s real.” As the crowd in the theatre and around the world waited anxiously in anticipation for the documentary to air at 8 p.m, Feldman and his team were experiencing technical difficulties due to an alleged hacking attack in attempt to disrupt the streaming process.

After multiple attempts to fix the online stream, it had eventually been cancelled but the one at the Directors Guild had continued.

In the film, Feldman went into great detail about the sexual abuse he says had suffered as a child and went into even further detail about the abuse Haim had allegedly suffered. One notable perpetrator mentioned in the film was Charlie Sheen, whom he alleged had raped Haim on the set of the film Lucas in 1985 when Haim was just 13.

Feldman describes the alleged rape with great detail, stating that Sheen, who was 19 at the time, had taken Haim between two trailers, bent him over, put Crisco oil on his behind and then proceeded to rape him on broad daylight.

Sheen’s publicist later released a statement on behalf of Sheen to The Times saying “These sick, twisted and outlandish allegations never occurred. Period,”

Before I delve into further spoilers, I strongly suggest you wait for the documentary to be made public so you can draw your own conclusions and make your own verdicts about what really happened.

We’ve always been aware of the darkside of Hollywood especially in recent times, with predators like Weinstein and Kevin Spacey among others being brought to the light.

It does make you wonder though, just how many stories of abuse are there that we are unaware of and how many of the victims have been forced to remain silent or even worse taken their secrets with them to the grave. You can be the judge of that.