Joaquin Phoenix made news headlines all throughout the awards season after every win he had received he had decided to speak about something he was passionate about as well as shine a most necessary light on the current issues the world is facing. Whether it be gender inequality, lack of racial diversity at said award shows, animal rights etcetera. Joaquin had left no stone unturned in 2020 and contrary to what Ricky Gervais said, I believe it is of the utmost importance that these influential figures use their platform and social status to give a voice to the voiceless and call out inequality when they see it.

In his latest speech for at the 92nd Academy Awards, Joaquin spent his time in the limelight rather unselfishly after picking up an Oscar win for Best Actor in Joker. Throughout his entire speech he reflects on his past misdeeds, thanks his peers for their forgiveness, pays a short but sweet tribute to his late brother River and most importantly took his time to speak about current issues we are facing *and causing as human beings. His entire speech is below:

Credit: The Outcome find them on Youtube.

Joaquin’s road to redemption has not been easy but he sure redeemed himself not only for his outstanding work in the film industry but more importantly his commendable work outside of the film industry often at animal rights rallies and other various marches.

In the famous words of his late brother River Phoenix: “Run To The Rescue With Love and Peace Will Follow.”

Thank you Joaquin for spending your 2 minutes so selflessly I hope others decide to follow in your footsteps!