2020 was a crazy year filled with uncertainty in the sporting world and 2021 feels no different. 

NFL Insider Adam Schefter stated earlier that we could see many QB’s on the move this year. He went even further in saying he expects at least 10 quarterbacks to be on the move this year. It seems he was right.

There are plenty of teams in the league looking to draft a quarterback, trade for a quarterback, or release their quarterback. 

Matt Stafford was the first quarterback on the move in 2021. The Los Angeles Rams traded 2 first-round picks, a third-round pick and the former first-round quarterback Jared Goff to the Detroit Lions, in return for Stafford. I like this move the Rams made because Matt Stafford is an old-school gunslinger with talent that Los Angeles has at the WR/TE position. It’s easy to see why they exchanged him. Stafford was subject to “a bad” organization when he came into the league. It’ll be interesting to see what he brings to the already stacked Los Angeles Rams.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded quarterback Carson Wentz, a former first-round pick (both Jared Goff and Carson Wentz went in the first round in 2016) was traded to the Indianapolis Colts for two draft picks. 

The Eagles will eat $33-million in dead money this year due to Wentz’ large contract. It turns out former Head Coach Doug Pederson and Wentz couldn’t stand each other during their time together in the organization. Sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts will most likely start for the Eagles this season. Hurts showed glimpses of brilliance and confidence when he earned the starting role over a poor-performing Wentz. I’m hopeful for Carson Wentz; he’s in a new system with new team members, and he’s finally reunited with his favourite coach Frank Reich.

Drew Brees, 43, is set to retire this year after another disappointing Super Bowl campaign with the New Orleans Saints. No disrespect to Drew; he’s a top 5 quarterback of all time, and he is one of the favourite players, but it’s no secret that his body isn’t up for the challenge anymore. Brees’ arm strength has dropped dramatically over the past couple of years, and knowing the ultimate competitor he is, he’ll want to go out while he is still on top. Drew also had his fair share of injuries with multiple fractured ribs, cartilage/ligament damage, to name a few (and I mean a few).  The league will look a lot different without Drew Brees suiting up in black and gold for the Saints. QB2 Jameis Winston is apparently the favourite to take the starting role with Head Coach Sean Payton publicly vouching for him and his talent. 

I agree with this move of picking Jameis Winston to start at QB over Taysom Hill. Hill is a great gadget player, but Winston is the future franchise quarterback.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 next week when I bring you more NFL and League news.