The 2021 offseason was one of the craziest we’ve had in years.

From blockbuster trades to teams exchanging draft capital, it’s been pretty wild. However, there is one event that stands out among the rest and that is Deshaun Watson.

Firstly, I’d like to start off by admitting that I was a big Deshaun fan. I admire the way he played the game and the integrity brought along with it. My favorite and most recent memory of Deshaun was in the Texans vs Raiders game in 2019/2020. I think it was a third and long, the ball is snapped, Deshaun rolls right, nearly gets sacked, (obviously, it’s the Texans) gets nailed in the eye by one of the defenders cleats through his helmet and STILL throws a gorgeous touchdown. It was pretty spectacular.

You can imagine my disappointment once the news broke about his sexual misconduct. So far, 23 victims have come forward in a lawsuit against Deshaun. Majority are alleging that Deshaun displayed inappropriate behavior toward them (mostly of the sexual nature i.e sexual coercion), others have accused him of sexual assault and the list goes on. If these allegations are found to be true, it really is sickening.

I salute the brave women who have come forward in search for justice. The Fair Digest strongly condemns the actions of Deshaun Watson.

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